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According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Safeguards Rule, tax preparers, CPAs and other financial institutions must implement cyber security plans to protect client data. Failure to do so may result in fines and jail time.

As experts in the field of Information Security, the Blue Light IT team has studied the FTC requirements

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Do I Really Need to Comply?

If you work with consumer data (e.g. full name, Social Security number, address, income, etc.) chances are you need to comply, especially if you are familiar with the W-12 tax form.

When filling out the W-12 form, you confirm under Section 11, Data Security Responsibilities, that you have a data security plan in place as well as system security protections.

5 NonCompliance Consequences

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Maximizing Your Firm's Data Security

The FTC has substantially strengthened the Safeguards Rule with new requirements to increase and improve protection of sensitive consumer information. To ensure compliance, you must be prepared and informed.

Who’s Affected by the Safeguards Rule?

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What's the Cost?

Every company is different, and varies in size, scope and the amount of data they store. The only way to accurately determine a price point for security services is by performing a risk assessment.

Have No Fear, We Have You Covered

The June 9th deadline is sooner than you think. it takes time to correctly implement a plan that will cover the ftc safeguards rule. Act now to avoid fines, litigation and reputation losses.